v1.9.0 Released

Various new features.

Posted by Luigi Marini on June 01, 2020 · 1 min read

1.9.0 - 2020-06-01

Warning: This update modifies information stored in Elasticsearch used for text based searching. To take advantage of these changes a reindex of Elasticsearch is required. A reindex can be started by an admin from the Admin menu.


  • Ability to delete extractor, both from API and GUI. CATS-1044
  • Add tags endpoint now returns the added tags. CATS-1053
  • Ability to search by creator name and email address for all resources.
  • List Spaces/Datasets/Collections created by each user on their User Profile page. CATS-1056
  • Allow user to easily flip through the files in a dataset. CATS-1058
  • Ability to filter files and folders in a dataset when sorting is enabled.
  • Visualize existing relations between datasets on the dataset page. This can be extended other resource types. CATS-1000
  • S3ByteStorageService verifies bucket existence on startup and creates it if it does not exist. CATS-1057
  • Can now switch storage provider in Docker compose, for example S3 storage. See env.example for configuration options.
  • Script to test extractions through the API.


  • When adding tags to a section of an image, show the new tag without having to refresh the page. CATS-1053


  • Removed buttons to remove datasets from spaces and collections from certain pages. Moved Remove button for subcollections to right side of page to be consistent with other pages. CATS-1055
  • Upgraded swagger documentation to openapi v3.0.1.