Resources for users and developers
  • FAQ
    • Answers to common questions.
  • Docs
    • More formal documentation for users and developers (work in progress).
  • Wiki
    • Wiki pages include less formal documentation for users, developers and admin. You will find the most up to date information, but it might be in draft form.
  • API Docs
    • For users who want to develop Clowder clients using a variety of programmin languages.
  • YouTube
    • All Paws community meetings and webinar recordings. Recordings include information about the core components of the framework organized by topic.
  • All Paws 2021 Agenda


If you publish work that uses Clowder, please consider citing the following paper. This will greatly help us find future funding. Thank you!

Luigi Marini, Indira Gutierrez-Polo, Rob Kooper, Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan, Maxwell Burnette, Jong Lee, Todd Nicholson, Yan Zhao, and Kenton McHenry. 2018. Clowder: Open Source Data Management for Long Tail Data. In Proceedings of the Practice and Experience on Advanced Research Computing (PEARC '18). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 40, 8 pages. DOI: