Extractor Catalog Design

Upcoming New Feature

Posted by Mike Lambert on August 31, 2020 · 1 min read

Extractor Catalog Design

We are in the process of designing an improved Extractor Catalog view to help users discover extractors that are accessible to them and to see which ones others are using within their community.

High-Level Goals

Our main goals in this process are to empower users to more easily:

  • Organize and sort your community‚Äôs extractors as the number available grows with labels and filters
  • Discover new extractors that are already running and accessible to the community
  • Track statistics, metrics, and history for individual extractors
  • Debug and find support when problems are encountered with an extractor
  • Foster community building by allowing users to rate and comment on extractors
  • Learn about and keep up-to-date on the details of extractors as they evolve over time

Full Design Notes Available

For more details, notes, and mockups, you can find the full design notes here.

Want to Contribute?

Do you have ideas or other contributions to the discussion? Fantastic!

Feel free to do any or all of the following:

Have a nice day! :)