v1.12.0 released

Improvements to extractors management, reports, download performance and a new previewer

Posted by Luigi Marini on November 04, 2020 · 1 min read

v1.12.0 has been released! This release includes a variety of improvements and new features:

  • Global extractors page now shows more information, including submission metrics, logs (using Graylog), job history and extractors maturity. Extractors can be grouped using labels. User can filter list of extractors by labels, space, trigger and metadata key.

  • Users have more refined options to set extractors triggers at the space level.

  • Faster downloads and less CPU usage at the cost of slightly more memory use.
  • Support for parsing and query of Date and Numeric data in new metadata fields.
  • New user storage reports on a per space basis and ability to query by date range.
  • New 3D models previewer for *.ply and *.nxz files.

For more information please see release notes.